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Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides excess coverage for your current commercial liability policies. By providing increased limits with a Commercial Umbrella Policy, you are further protecting your business from financial hardships in the event of a lawsuit.

A Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy is an underlying policy, meaning that in the event that you are held liable to another party your primary insurance policy would first pay up to their maximum limit before the Commercial Umbrella Policy would start to pay. The coverages included in your Commercial Umbrella Policy are the same coverages that are included within your primary insurance policy, and therefore the Commercial Umbrella Policy will not be held liable for any loss that is not included in your primary insurance policy.

A Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy through IRC Group Services is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your business is fully protected in the event of a lawsuit. Don't risk putting your business in jeopardy by not having enough liability insurance when the unthinkable happens!