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Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage against any physical damage or bodily injuries that arise from an incident involving a motor vehicle being used by your company. Regardless of whether you have one vehicle you use for conducting business or an entire fleet, you'll need to ensure that you and your business have adequate protection.

Commercial Auto Insurance can be purchased for any type of motorized vehicle, including cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles that are either leased, rented, or owned by your company for business purposes. Coverage stemming from your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy may encompass damages or possible future litigation resulting from an auto-related event, such as a collision. Such damages may include property damage to both the insured vehicle and a third party, bodily injury, and in some instances, fire or theft.

In addition to providing your business with the best coverage at an affordable cost, we've made safety a top priority. Safe driving practices and reducing risks can aid in lowering the cost of your Commercial Auto Insurance Premium. As a member of the National Safety Council, we've added all Defensive Driving Course dates and registration information for New York and New Jersey to our Events Calendar to aid in your efforts of maintaining a clean driving record and lowering your premium!