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Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

A Business Owner's Policy or BOP is an insurance bundle that groups basic coverages for your small to mid-size business. Typically these basic coverages include Property Insurance and Liability Insurance, with the option to purchase additional products depending upon your business' individual needs.


Property coverages included with a typical BOP protect your business against risks like fire, theft, vandalism, flood, and wind damage, for both the building and personal property. Property coverage may also include Business Interuption Insurance, which will provide income for up to one year in the event that the business must suspend operations due to a covered property incident. Liability coverages generally include coverage for legal fees and medical expenses in relation to a third party who has suffered a bodily injury or property damage either on your premises or as a result of work completed by your business. Additional products that can be added include coverage against specific crimes and Data Breach Protection


IRC Group Services tailors each Business Owner's Policy to meet the particluar needs of your business. By purchasing these types of coverages individually and from multiple carriers, you risk paying a higher premium. Our highly experienced representatives will work endlessly to ensure that your business receives the optimum amount of coverage at the lowest possible cost.